Back at the hospital today

My family ended up back at the hospital today, this time quite by surprise. My daughter woke up about 11 PM last night complaining that she was having trouble breathing. At fist I thought it was another case of allergies and she meant she was having trouble breathing through her nose. After about 15 minutes I put her back to bed, only to be woken again at around 1 AM with more complaints of breathing troubles, this time accompanied by a quick cough. I let her lay in our bed for the rest of the night, but I doubt that either of us got much sleep (my wife is still sleeping in a recliner recovering from her surgery from a few weeks ago). At about 5:30 we both gave up and I took her downstairs to get some cough syrup. She took that, but still didn’t seem much better. After a round of questioning to make sure she wasn’t faking it or just getting nervous about the test she had to take at school that day, we decided to call her school and DeAnna took her to the doctor.
At the doctor’s office, she went quickly from being seen by the doctor in training to being seen by the entire staff of the small pediatricians’ office. After she didn’t respond to a breathing treatment, she was put in an ambulance and sent to the hospital. It was then I got the call from DeAnna at work and rushed to meet her there. When I got there, my daughter was in the ER and didn’t look so good. After getting an IV for some steroids, another breathing treatment and a little nap, they admitted her and transferred her upstairs.
She is doing a little better now, but still not out of the woods. At least it seems she has developed asthma, and doesn’t have pneumonia as we feared at first. DeAnna had asthma when she was young and I guess the dust we kicked up in the house over the weekend triggered some sort of attack. I’m in Detroit now, but plan to rush back home after my meeting tomorrow to hopefully bring her home. All your prayers are appreciated.






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