What makes an exciting game?

I had two very different football experiences this weekend, with a surprising similarity.  On Saturday, my Kentucky Wildcats traveled to Bloomington, Indiana to play the Hoosiers, members of the Big 10 conference.  It was a very disappointing game.  We got run over in almost every aspect of the game.  we couldn’t run…they ran all over us.  We couldn’t pass…their QB looked like he was playing a 7 on 7 no-rush scrimmage.  After 2 and a half quarters I just flipped it off and watched some real football.  I think the Florida Tennessee game was what caught my attention.  It ended up being a 10 to 7 victory for Florida but it was a lot more interesting game.

    On Sunday, I had the pleasure of watching my Cincinnati Benglas absolutely dominate the Minnesota Vikings.  It was looking like it was going to be a shut-out, but ended up at 37 to 8.  We could have easily scored over 50 if we hadn’t had a franchise record number of penalties.  However, the experience was largely the same.  Even though I was rooting for the team that was giving the route, eventually I switched it off.  It’s true I had a few better things to do (mow the grass, go to the grocery store), but it was mainly that I was bored.  There was only so much one sidedness I could take, even when my team was winning.

    I think this is an interesting analogy to the world of work.  I wonder how often it happens that customers/partners loose interest in a market when one vendor continues to dominate.  The aspect of "no news" gets people bored and boredom is never good.  Just something to keep in mind when you are wishing for you company to dominate the world…it may end up a world that no one lives on.






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