Cats…close, but no cigar…again!

Those of you who are long time readers of my blog know that I have an addiction to rooting for loosing sports teams, specifically football.  I love the Cincinnati Bengals, to the point that no other team would have me as a fan.  I also love my Kentucky Wildcats, in both their natural sport of Basketball and unfortunately their efforts on the gridiron as well.

    This love started when I went to grad school there.  Although they were no good and everyone knew it, I still loved going to games.  Being a student meant you got in for free and the SEC had some great teams that would come in as Kentucky’s opponents.

    Since that time I have made to at least one game every year and have always walked away hopeful but disappointed.  There was the year we played LSU.  We were up with almost no time left on the clock and LSU had the ball on their own side of the field.  Surely nothing bad could happen, right? WRONG.  Their inexperienced (at the time) quarterback through a 50 yard bomb that skipped off two of our players right into the outstretched arms of an LSU receiver who had nothing but green grass between him and the goal line.  Where was I, you ask?  On the field getting ready to tear the golaposts down.  Wanna talk about a let down.

    Then there was the time I travelled all the way to Knoxville to see them play the big ugly Orange (University of Tennessee for those not from around these parts).  UK had had a bad season, but there was hope that we could pull one out against the Vols.  Unfortunately (for me and the rest of the intrepid fans who made the trip) our head caoch had just annouced he was leaving immediately before the game to the players and it put everyone in a funk.  We lost that game too.

    Then there was yesterday.  I didn’t go to the game as I was sure we would get ridden off the field by our in state rivals Louisville.  Someone at my church wanted to bet me ont he game and I wouldn’t take less that 5 touchdowns.  I thought it was going to be that bad.  A bunch of no name and inexperienced players agaiunst the teams that ended up 6th in the nation last year.  We didn’t stand a chance, right?  WRONG…AGAIN.  While we didn’t win we did make the game respectable.  If it weren’t for a few inoportune fumbles (are there ever oportune fumbles) we would have likely won.  And so just when I had given up on the Wildcat football for this season they suck me back in.  All I can say is…GO CATS! 






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