Katrina – wow…

I know it’s a bit late, but I wanted to express my sympathies to all those affected by the destruction caused by Hurrican Katrina.  I have only been to New Orleans once, but I had a great time and I know how much the people there made up the experience.  I can’t beleive how much damage was caused, expecially when it looked like a miracle had occured early on and New Orleans had been saved.  My wife and I were thinking about taking our yearly couples vacation to New Orleans and I’m kind of sad we didn’t because now she’ll never see it like it was.  Of course, I’m also glad we didn’t go because we likely would have planned to be there the week before or after Katrina struck.  That would not have been a very good vacation.

    Anyway, like everyone else, I’m asking that you give all you can to the American Red Cross.  New Orleans may never be the same, but we can do our part to make sure the people there and all around the Gulf region can get back to normal as soon as possible whereever they may land. 






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