Structure moratorium

I am officially starting a moratorium on updating the structure of my blog and podcast site starting on September 1st for the month.  I’ve been doing a lot of little tweaks lately and I think I’ve crossed the line of dimishing returns.  I also find it a lot easier to do the structure stuff than the content stuff, so I’m forcing myself to focus on content for month to see if my writing and content improves.  Here’s to another little experiment!

 That being said there are a few projects I’d like to get done in the next 2 days:

  • Themes: It’s pretty easy to get a theme in place for Word Press, but I need to do some work on getting that transitioned to the tool I use for my Podcast, Loudblog.  This could be easy, or it could take some massive tweaking.
  • Mythtv: I spent a lot of time over the weekend getting this system in shape by building a whole new install from CVS.  However, it still doesn’t work exactly right, so I’ll probably be up late tonight to get that locked in.  I’m also switching to cable (DirecTV lost me when they ditched Tivo, plus the new house I just bought can’t get high speed via DSL, so I have to go that way anyway) so this one area may fall outside the moratorium.
  • Photos: I still don’t have a drag and drop solution for simple photos in WordPress.  Still looking and hopefully I will find something in the next few days. 






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