Change of scenery

Well, if you’re just coming to my homepage, you may not notice much
difference, but for the few long time users, you will notice right away
that I’ve changed the order of things a bit around here.  I
finally decided to take to plunge and switch my blog site to be the
main page and push my Plone site back to the second tier.  A few
reasons for this:

  • I have been blogging quite a bit more lately.  I think this
    is due to the fact that I have a bit more time, combined with the fact
    that I do like the “theraputic” nature of it, and the final straw is
    that I like some of the tweaks I’ve been able to perform to make it
    look like a “real” blog.
  • I also think this makes the site a bit more interesting for the
    “general” public (all 2 of you that actually read the site), and may
    also resolve the issue I’ve been having with comments (i.e. my site
    seems to ask you to log in to make comments?)

This combined with my podcast section is starting to make things interesting around here.






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