Getting things done…literally!

My work life feels like it finally is coming into balance.  I
still have alot of things to get done, but I have better visibility and
control over what they are.  A new guy started on my team this
past week and that has helped.  Although he’s still coming up to
speed, just knowing that he’s there and asking him to sit in on a few
things eases my mind.  My team is really starting to grow. 
It’s pretty exciting to think that John and I started this 3 years ago
as part time jobs for both of us and now we’re turning it into careers
for a few people.  I guess that’s how the job creation engine
    Another big help has been my gradual adoption of the “Getting things done” method created by David Allen. 
I heard about it on a few of the podcasts I listen to and decided to
buy the audio book from iTunes.  Although I haven’t gone in whole
hig, I have adopted alot of the principles that seem to work for
me.  Specifically:

  • Inbox management – file it for reference, file it for action, do it now (if less than 2 minutes) delegate it or delete it
  • Action management – always record actions with the very next
    thing you will do and group actions according to the context in which
    they are done (on the computer, at home, etc.)
  • Know that you’re going to fall off the horse…just be prepared to get back on

I haven’t been able to force myself to sit down and spend 2 days
clearning out everything and getting it organized, but the gradual
approach has worked for me.  I highly recommend it to anyone who
needs to get organized and get things done.






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