All tech'd up and no place to go (I wish!)

Really have been getting alot fo cool tech stuff done lately. Have gotten into the podcasting thig in a serious way. It’s still too hard to find casts I’m interested in, but its still small and clubbly, like the early days on the internet. Alot of fun and I forgot how much I like just talk, especially when it’s an interesting topic.

Also got a PSP for my Birthday a few weeks ago. It is really cool. Amazing what they can pack in to a small package and for only $249! Been playing it for 10-15 minutes at a time in all sorts of odd spots to kill some time and switch gears to recharge my batteries.

Finally, my work got me a Blackberry. It is OK, but not spectacular. It reboots on me alot when using as a phone, which is really annoying. The connectivity is awesome and I don’t mind being always on, as before I was just worried about what was coming in my inbox while I was offline. Now I know and that is some comfort at least.

With all the travel I’ve been doing, I’ve noticed that all the cool tech I’ve been using is highly portable. In fact I’m thinking of ditching the NX7010 HP laptop I’ve been carrying (nice widescreen) for a 3lb tablet, just to shed a few pounds.






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