As you can plainly see in from the lack of posts (been a month since the last one) on my blog, it seems to be loosing some steam. I’m stil really fascinated by the concept and the technology, I’m just finding it harder than I though to make it part of my daily routine.

I still have lots of thoughts and opinions about things, and still run across alot of news that I would like to publicly comment on. It’s just finding the time when I can sit in front of a PC with web access and compose my thoughts. Another complicating factor is the drain of my time to other areas. My job has been requiring alot of time lately. Church has started to pick up too. And of course being the holidays, my family time has picked up as well.

Again, it leads to an interesting paradox: the more time I spend living my life, the more I have to potentially blog about, but the less time I actually have to blog about it. Maybe moblogging is the answer…






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