Football Season (i.e Soccer)

It was my son’s first soccer game today. He’s three, and for those of you who have never seen 3 year olds play soccer, it’s a great analogy for everday life. There always seems to be one or two kids that “get it” and run around everyone else and score all the goals. Then there are some kids who won’t even come out on the field. I’m sad to report that my son is not in the first group, but even happier to report that he’s not in the second group. He’s in the middle. Not quite sure what’s going on. Running sometimes. Standing and watching the ball go by others.

Alot like life, soccer is about a bunch of made up rules that you have to follow if you want to win. However there’s no rule that says you have to win in order to have fun.

How do I know he had fun? He wants to go back next week.






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