Work to live or…

My boss, who also happens to be the CEO of the company, asked me a really hard question last Friday: he wanted me to “think about” moving to Texas. This is at once a great compliment and also a huge problem. Its a great compliment because he obviously sees me as someone who can contribute to the team. It’s a huge problem because I’m not all that interested in relocating my family.

Being asked this on a Friday had the potential to ruin my weekend, but instead it made it great. It made me decide what is really important and re-cofirmed for me that my main goals are more oriented towards working to live rather than living to work. I want to be able to retire in my mid 50’s and take up teaching. I want to give my kids the opportunities to go to the same great schools I went to. I want to move my family to a farm and live a more rural life.

At the same time, I am never one who will be able to punch the clock and have a “just a job”. I need my work to be meaningful and I need to have an impact. I need to figure out a way to have an AND in this case: I want to work to live AND I want my work to matter. Is it too much to ask?






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