Busy weekend

Damn, I’ve been busy lately, especially on the weekends. 3 weekends ago it was the opera and the Kenton county fair. 2 weekends ago it was Kings Island. Last weekend was the Boone county fair and the Indy race and the Kentucky Speedway. It seems this summer has just flown by.

When I was a kid, I can remember summer seeming to last as long as an entire year seems to now. What happened? I don’t think I’m any busier: I used to have guitar, art lessons, and all sorts of stuff outside of school. Now I have my kids and my work. Seems to balance out to me.

Maybe its a matter of attention. There seems to more I have to pay attention to these days than I used to. Have to remember 30 different things for work projects. Have to give some attention to paying the bills and keeping things kep up around the house. Have to give some attention to the wife and kids.

Then again, maybe I’m just getting old.






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