Back at work

Been back at work for a few weeks now. My collar bone is still broken and it’s really starting to become a serious inconvinience. Not much pain, but whenever I “forget” and lift more than about 5 pounds, it reminds me.

My stitches have healed up nicely, although of course there are two nice scars. I started going back to the gym about a week ago. The main thing holding me back is the pain in my foot and my broken collar bone. Fortunately I’m not suffering from being winded or anything like that. But after about 20 minutes, I’ve got to slow down or stop.

Doc says that it may take another month for my collar bone to stitch up! If it doesn’t do it on its own, I’ll have to use a “bone stimulator” for a few weeks, and then its to surgery! Great, more plates…

On my way out of town for my first business trip since the accident tomorrow. Off to Toronto to the MSFT WWPC and then to NYC for the analyst event. This is one time where I will be forced to travel light.






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