Stitches out (ouch!)

Got my stitches out yesterday. After having had both staples and stitiches to close up wounds, I have to say that neither are very pleasant. Maybe it was the location, but the stitches in my foot were almost as painful to remove as they were to put it…of course I have to remember that when they were put in, I had the benefit of morphine AND a local anesthetic.

Walking is a bit easier now, although my achilles is still bothering me at night. I really wish it would resolve itself before I go on vacation this weekend.

On the car front, we ended up going with the Tahoe. Sport red with a gray leather interrior. Very posh. The only downside is that unless EDS stock goes up a whole lot, I’m going to end up having to drive the Windstar minivan once January comes and I have to turn in my Saab :-(.






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