Doctor's visit

Went to my second doctor’s visit today (so little happened at the first, that I didn’t even bother to blog about it). Some good news: no infections in my sutures and my bones seem to be setting properly. Still no definitive word on recovery time, but it looks like it’ll be 3-4 weeks before I can restart my gym routine with any regularity. Looks like I can go on vacation in a few weeks, but the deep sea fishing trip I had planned is definately out – I might actually catch something and couldn’t reel it in!

They also changed me from a shoulder sling to a figure-8 brace for my collar bone, which is good and bad. It’s good because it gives me much greater freedom of movement for my right arm, but its bad because it does cause a little more pain at the point of the break after sitting up for a while. In addition, they stepped me back from a full leg cast to an orthopedic boot for my foot. I can’t get around any easier, but at least I can stretch out my calf and keep it from cramping up.

Sleeping still isn’t that easy. The last two nights I’ve tried to sleep in bed, only to wake up between midnight and 1 AM and move to the la-z-boy because my collar bone is so uncomfortable. Only problem in the chair is it makes my leg swell up a bit, so the cast became really uncomfortable after a few hours if I rested it on my calf. I’ve had to become a master of sleeping in one position!

My wife and I went to our Anniversary dinner on Saturday night. It was just like when we were dating in high school – my dad had to drive us! We had reservations at Boca on the west side and my wife hates to drive over there, plus she thought she might have a bit to drink, so happily my dad volunteered. Dinner was good, but obviously my injuries slowed things down a bit. It was difficult to sit comfortably with my foot not elevated for so long. Nonetheless we had an excellent time because we were both happy I was there at all. Overall I’d say that Boca was just a bit behind Daveed’s in terms of the overall experience. The appetizer was on par, the entree was a bit below, the dessert was excellent, the service was not bad (but nothing comes close to Daveed’s) and the price was good. Close but not close enough.

On Sunday we went to church and it was great to see how many people were concerned about my injuries. The same has been true of the YMCA where my wife has been going this week (and until very recently where I went as well). It’s also amazing how many people saw the accident or the immediate aftermath that we know, at least casually. There have been several occaisions where my wife has run into someone who was describing this horrible motorcycle accident they saw and that they were sure the guy was dead, only to have my wife tell them it was me and that I’m at home (and not dead). It truly is a small world.






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