Incredible speakers

In the last 10 days I’ve been able to see and listen to an incredible list of speakers: Rudy Giuliani, Jim Collins, Micheal Porter, Bill Clinton, Lou Gerstner, Jac Welch and Oliver North. Most of them I got a chance to see at the World Business Forum in NYC and Oliver North I got to see at our user group in Anaheim. But the one that stands out in my mind the most is Ben Zander, the conducter of the Boston Philharmonc Symphony.

Mr. Zander gave a talk about the power of possibility in making us more creative and he had such an energy behind what he was talking about that I listened to him for over an hour before I even looked at my watch…and this was at the end of the second day!

His main points were these:

1 – It’s all made up anyway, so don’t get too concerned about the rules.
2 – Sometimes you have to get “Beyond the F*(& it”: in other words you have decide you don’t care about the outcome sometimes in order to really succeed.
3 – Rule #6: don’t tkae yourself too seriously.

While any of those points alone are no great revolution, the passion and energy with which they were delivered really made me take them to heart. Guess it shows what a motivated speaker can do.






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