Great time in NYC

Well, we’re having a great time in NYC. It was a little cold yesterday (my wife says no matter when she comes from now on she’s bringing a coat). We went to the Natural History Museum and walked around for hours. The coolest thing (for me anyway) was the pieces of meteorites they have displayed in the back corner of the first floor. These are pieces of rock that traveled billions of miles and are potentially billions of years old, and here they are in front of me. Not sure why, but that gives me an incredible sense of place in the universe.

We went to Union Square Cafe for dinner and it was excellent. Had a special rib steak for two that was out of this world and an incredible bottle of 2001 Origin Meritage. Definately have to find some of that in the local wine shop.

After dinner we went to Fiddler on the Roof, which was probably the best musical I’ve ever seen live. OK, maybe a tie with the Producers, but it was close. There are so many levels that I appreciate the play: as a father with daughters, as someone who has never had to deal with real persecution but when I see people that do am greatful for what I have, and as someone living in rapidly changing times. All in all a great day. Hope today is as much fun.






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