Howard Stern

I don’t get into to politics too much (there seems to be enough blogs about that), but this one really irks me. As many of you probably have heard, Howard Stern is under fire again, and I must admit it’s mostly deserved and probably not completely unwanted by Howard himself (no such thing as bad press).
However, the fact that the government can decide for me what’s decent and what’s not, seems like a trivialization of my freedom to choose. Freedom has to work both ways for it to work at all. Just as I have to have the freedom to listen to, watch, and buy what I want, everyone else has to have the freedom to not do those same things. This is the thing that strikes me as odd: for an administration that seems 100% committed to free trade, they won’t let the market decide if Howard should stay on the air. If they truly beleived in free market policies, they would let him stay as long as it was commercially viable…not until they got the 1 millionth complaint from some little old lady in Omaha (or the 1 millionth copy of the same complaint!)






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