Day 23 – Rich Mountain Camp to a stealth site by Jones Meadow

The word of the day today was: moist. It rained lightly overnight on and off. We got lucky in that it let up around wake up and breakfast time. But it was cloudy and on and off rainy all day. Honestly it was a little welcome since it made some of the climbs a little cooler. It wasn’t welcome since everything got a little slippery and I wiped out twice. I’m fine…one of my trekking poles is a little worse for wear.

We left camp around 8:30. I stopped at Spring Mountain shelter to use the privy and…more bees. WTH?!? We rolled into Allen Gap around 11:30 and setup a tarp to have lunch under. The food choices I made at the last resupply have been working a lot better. It’s been a little heavier, but I’ll eat it so the weight is worth it. Fritos may have saved my hike 😝.

A bit after lunch we came across some trail magic at an amazing log cabin just off the trail. The “cookie lady” gives out free home made cookies to all THs. It was delicious and nice to sit on her covered porch while some of the hardest rain of the day went through.

After cookies it was time to climb again. We had 7 miles to camp and 2,500 feet of elevation gain. It was a bit of a slog but we made it to camp before 4. There are at least 5 other THs here (along with some of their dogs!)

Camp was set, water was filtered, baths in the spring were taken (had to get the mud off from my two wipe outs), dinner was eaten, bear bags were hung.

I’ll need some synonyms for moist because the forecast the next few days is more of the same.






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  1. Seth White Avatar
    Seth White

    Love to see you are still able to be hiking! Sounds like an amazing experience so far. The beard growth is awesome to see too 🙌🏻 lol

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