Day 19 – Pecks corner shelter to Cosby knob shelter.

I woke up around 6:30 (for the second time – the first was around 3:30 when someone decided to get a really early start on the day and was getting their bear bag down from the cables). I wanted to laze a bit, but I had the forecast from the night before in mind, so I got in gear and started to strike camp. I changed my setup to my warm weather gear for this leg, which means that my hammock, top quilt, sleeping base layer, bottom quilt and UQ protector all into one bishop bag. It makes unpacking / packing super easy which helped this morning – I got everything that couldn’t get wet into my bag right before it started to rain.

I finished packing everything else then headed to the shelter tonight make breakfast. I’m taking eating much more seriously this time out. The rain let up a little so I refilled water (taking hydration more seriously as well 😝), packed my food and kitchen and hit the trail. Where I almost made a huge mistake by hiking in the same direction I had to get to camp…forgetting for just a moment that I had taken a spur off the AT to get to the camp the night before. Fortunately I remembered after just a few steps, turned around and headed up the hill, which I had thought would be a challenge when I was coming down it the night before. I was to the top before I knew it. Amazing how a good nights sleep and a few meals can change your perspective.

The rain was light but constant for the first hour or so. After that it was drips from trees for the next couple hours. I rolled into Tri Corner knob shelter at 11 and decided to stop for lunch. The luxury of a bench and a table under cover was too much to pass up. It rained for 20 mins or so while I was there and stopped before I left. I was only there for 30 mins or so but got pretty cold so I charged up the next hill to get warm. Once I was up that it was a long cruzy section so the miles came easy. Part of that might have been having a bit of cell reception so I was able to listen to the last couple episodes of KSR 😊. I was surprised to come across the wreckage of an F4 pretty much right on the trail. I’d heard about it but figured it would be some distance off the trail. Nope, right there. Amazing it’s still there honestly but good to see that everyone has left it.

I made it to Cosby Knob before 4 so thought I’d have dinner and then see how I felt and maybe push on to the next shelter, about 6 miles of mostly downhill. Right as I finished dinner, it started to pour and the temp dropped about 10-15 degrees. I waited it out for a bit, but the I paused and listened to what the trail was telling me and decided to hang here for the night. Ended up being a good call not only to stay dry but the shelter crew (mix of through and section hikers) was the best I’ve had the pleasure of staying with yet.






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  1. James Melone Avatar
    James Melone

    Glad to see you back on the trail. 🙂

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