Day 17 – Gatlinburg to…home

The timing of this post is unfortunate it being April 1 and all. TBH, I wish that I was clever enough to come up with something like this. And I wish even more it was an April fools joke.

I also know I skipped a few days from my last post. That has to do with a combo of lack of cell service and being wiped out the last two nights. I might make those up at some point. Maybe not.

I’m writing this from the lobby of the Appy Hotel in Gatlinburg TN. I shuttled here last night to be able to see an urgent care doc this morning. The news wasn’t the worst, but not the best either: I have a grade 1 strain of my left achilles with less than 25% tearing. The good news in that is that no surgery is required. The bad news is that it’s 3-4 weeks of rest and then a re-evaluation.

Lots of thoughts and feelings. Have some time to work through those during the rehab. Heading home today and will get a second opinion from my doc there. Then will decide what’s next and when.






7 responses to “Day 17 – Gatlinburg to…home”

  1. Angel Cooper Avatar
    Angel Cooper

    Chris I am so sorry. I was hoping that your foot was improving. Hope that you will be returning to the Trail at some point. I enjoyed reading about your daily adventure and hikes.

    Hope you foot heals quickly and well.

  2. Eric Avatar

    Oh no! I am very sorry to hear about your injury, Chris. I was wondering if the lack of updates was due to spotty cell service or … this. I’ve been enjoying the posts daily and I found myself looking forward to each one. This is not one I wanted to see, however.

    I hope you recover quickly and work through those thoughts and feelings to determine what comes next. All the best to you!

  3. Alan Pickett Avatar
    Alan Pickett

    My heart sank when I heard this news, so I want you to know that you need not despair nor become despondent. The evil one loves setbacks and discouragement. Instead, know that our Creator made you to do great things and to take the challenges in stride. I believe you were meant to go on once you are healed. Rest up, heal and get ready!

  4. Brian Avatar

    So sorry to hear this Chris. Hoping for a quick recovery.

  5. Mary Ann Weiss Avatar
    Mary Ann Weiss

    Oh, Chris, I am so sorry. I am sure it hurts, and I’m sure you are disappointed about the pause in your trip. I hope it heals quickly and well.

  6. Bill Watkins Avatar
    Bill Watkins

    So sorry to hear this Chris. Prayers for a quick recovery. Really enjoyed following the progress. The trail will always be there. You’ll be back, no doubt.

  7. James Melone Avatar
    James Melone

    I held my breath all day hoping that, by saying it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, it would be just that. I wished for a “Gotcha!” post until late in the evening. I’ll admit that I’m bummed for us both. Your writing drew me in; your posts were something I looked forward to. But I know however much I’m missing out, you’re missing out more. I’m so sorry. I hope you’re back to 100% soon and back on the trail—for your enjoyment but also, selfishly, for mine, too.

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