Day 7 – Around the Bend Hostel to Bly Gap

Writing this from the comfort of my hammock…in North Carolina!! I’ve officially checked the first state off my AT through hike list. Georgia treated me well with no rain and pretty fair temps (all except that one night 🧊).

I started today with a shower at Around the Bend. Did I need another shower? No. Did I take another shower? Absolutely. I’m hoping I can save up some of the clean. By 7:30, I was having waffles with the rest of the through hikers and by 8, I was back at Dick’s Creek gap and starting up the first climb of the day.

Breakfast at Around the Bend

My original plan a was to try to get in just under 12 miles today before the rain started and get to Muskrat Creek Shelter. I cranked out the miles and could have made it but got a little spooked by the wind. I checked and they were calling for 20-30 mph winds there with gusts up to 50. No fun to camp in, so I decided to setup early at Bly’s gap. So this is almost another nero – I should be good and rested and able to tack on those missed >3 miles today and the rest of the Saturday plan tomorrow when it’s dry (or at least not raining!).

View from the hammock in the rain
I signed the bus at Around the Bend
Lotsa people signed the bus at Around the Bend






5 responses to “Day 7 – Around the Bend Hostel to Bly Gap”

  1. Mark Avatar

    Wait – what was your name again? Trying to see which of the various colorful names on the bus is yours.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Don’t have a trail name yet. Avoiding shelters until 100 miles or avoid norovirus.

      I signed the bus GAMA ATW 24 🙂

  2. Eric Avatar

    Wow, it’s legible! I thought that might be you because it was center of the photo but it didn’t look like you’re writing! 😉

  3. Joshua Mitchell Avatar
    Joshua Mitchell

    I cannot WAIT to learn your trail name

    Can previous LASH hikers weigh in?

    1. Chris Avatar

      Me too! I didn’t want to accept a trail name until 100 miles in. That happens tomorrow so all suggestions welcome.

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