Day 6 – Sassafras Gap tent site to Around the Bend Hostel

Today was a much needed day of rest. But it didn’t start that way. I woke up a little before 7 and packed up camp quietly since the other three TH’s I camped with were still in their tents. I was on the trail by a little after 8 with the idea in my head that I had a little more than 6 miles to get to the road and then a half mile to the hostel. That was right. The part I had wrong was that the 6 miles was mostly down hill 😁. I am pretty sure there is no continuous section of the AT with 6 miles downhill.

My view for breakfast
Back to the hammock for sunrise

So rather than rolling into the hostel around 11, I got here about 12:15. That’s what a 1,000+ feet of unplanned elevation will do for you. A classic case of seeing what you want to see on the map.

On top of Kelly’s knob (one of those hills I skipped in my planning)

I checked into the shelter, did a load of laundry and took a shower. It. Was. Amazing! I grabbed a coke and waited for the free shuttle to town.

At Around the Bend after a shower on my way to town

The shuttle dropped us off and Ingles. I didn’t want to go to the grocery store on an empty stomach so walked over to Tilted Cafe and grabbed a couple beers, a salad (gotta eat your veggies in town!) and a Cuban sandwich. They. Were. Amazing!

Town food and beer FTW!

Stomach full (shake after might have helped…) went to Ingles to get dinner, more beer and resupply for the next 3 days.

Tell me you’re hike trash without telling me your hiker trash.

Then on was a short wait on the shuttle back to the hostel, some grocery field stripping and general bag repacking. Sub was eaten, beer was drank and basketball was watched (second half coming up after this post – go Cats!).

It’s not as nice as my hammock but it’ll do

Tomorrow has some rain in the forecast, so rain gear going to get a test. No rain, no Maine!






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  1. Joshua Mitchell Avatar
    Joshua Mitchell

    You should hit NC today if my math is right? One state down!!!!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Your math and map reading skills are good!

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