Day 2 – Sassafras to Lance Creek restoration area

Last night was a little rough. The last couple miles up sasssafras took their toll, I’d not really slept well the night before (combo of pre hike jitters and sleeping on a pull out couch) and while the views were beautiful the ridge got super windy after midnight and the rangers were out practicing (helicopters and some shooting). So this morning was a late rise (8ish – which means I was in my hammock for almost 12 hours) and a late departure (9ish).

There was a little of sassafras still to climb then a nice downhill to my first trail magic – an ice cold tiny coke. It was delicious!

First trail magic!

From there it was a few more miles to Gooch Mountain Shelter where I stopped for lunch and to change out of my tights. While it was cool to start, it warmed up pretty nicely by noon. Then down to Gooch Gap for some more trail magic – beer for St Patrick’s day!

A few shorts ups and downs with a few amazing views (preachers rock was the best) later and I made it to camp by a little after 5.

View from Preachers Rock

The Lance Creek Restoration area is the last major stop before a 6-7 mile section that requires bear cans so it was packed by the time I arrived. I got the last good hammock spot.

Here’s to hoping the wind is calmer in the gap and we’re far enough from the rangers. Tomorrow I’ve got the first big climb – Blood Mountain. 1500 ft over 4-5 miles.






5 responses to “Day 2 – Sassafras to Lance Creek restoration area”

  1. Shawn Upchurch Avatar
    Shawn Upchurch

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  2. Rebekah Gensler Avatar
    Rebekah Gensler

    You’re doing great. Blood Mountain is a pretty climb. We did it in 2017. Just keep going!

  3. Josh Mitchell Avatar
    Josh Mitchell

    Yay to St Paddy’s Day beer!

  4. Mike Pinger Avatar
    Mike Pinger

    I’m excited you started your journey and are posting updates about it!

    1. Chris Avatar

      Thanks Mike! Will try to keep it up as long as I have energy and cell signal 😊

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