Day 1 -Springer to Sassafras

Day 1 is in the books. I couldn’t have imagined a better day or way to start. Woke up and showered at the Airbnb. Is there such a thing a mindful showing? 😆. Left with the kids around 9 and headed to Waffle House for a big breakfast. Happened to be the same one I ate at ahead of my BMT section a few years back. Then it was the drive to Springer parking. I decided to skip the approach trail since I wanted the kids to start with me. The one mile from parking was doable. The 8 from Amicalola was a bit much.

We summited before noon and hung out for a bit. There were a few other through hikers and a big group of college kids. I kissed the plaque, signed the book and started my through hike at around noon.

The first mile with the kids was great. Then it was hugs and goodbyes (and some tears) and I was on my own. The next 4 miles were almost too easy. The next 4 were more of what I was expecting and I was dragging myself up the last couple to get near the peak of Sassafras. 

I got to camp (about 3/10s further than I thought it was) and crashed in my hammock for a bit. A few hours of camp chores (bear bag hang, cook and clean up dinner, hang hiking cloths to air out over night, etc) and I’m finishing this around 8 from my hammock. 

It was a great start. 140 or so more days like this (just double the miles 🫠) and I’ll have it made.






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