Dusting things off

So once again dusting things off here once again, this time for a more sustained period than previous attempts. I have no doubt this blog will fall into disrepair again at some point in the future (or perhaps be scrubbed from the inter webs altogether), but for the next year or so I am firmly convinced that this blog will become a little more active. In fact, what happens next is probably the main reason I’ve kept it alive with so little activity for so long.

Why such confidence after so many false restarts? I have something I know I want to capture and share over the next year: I am going to attempt a through hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2024.

The countdown in the footer of this site (which has been reset numerous times as life happened) has been counting towards this event since back when it had years on it. With the most recent true-up (right before this post – told you the site was in disrepair) it now has mere months. I will start my attempt on March 18 of 2024 from Springer Mountain Georgia with the goal of summiting Katahdin in Maine sometime in August.

Starting now with this post I will use this space to document my preparation and then journal my travels as I go. I will also be posting somethings to Reddit along the way, but will use this blog as the main place to chronicle and share the places I see, people I meet and experiences I have along the way.

So, dust off your RSS reader (is that even still a thing?), subscribe and/or bookmark this site if you want to follow along as I go on the journey of a lifetime.






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  1. Shawn Upchurch Avatar
    Shawn Upchurch

    I’m so envious

    1. Chris Avatar

      See you out there for at least a section!

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