Side benefit of going to Microsoft APS: Music


Any of you following my twitter stream know that I was in Redmond this past week for the Microsoft Alliance Partner Summit. Overall it was a good event, although there wasn’t much new news since I was in Redmond the week before for an exec briefing. Nonetheless it was a good chance to connect face to face with the extended Microsoft team that I work with. All this electronic communication can only do so much.
Anyway, one of the nice perks that Microsoft always builds in to the event is a night at the Fremont Film Studios to see a musical performance (to be honest I can’t quite remember if its always done this way at APS, or if it’s the Platform Strategy Review…they sort of blend together). This year it was an artist I must admit I have not heard of before: Keb’ Mo’. I brought my Edirol recorder and laid down a few tracks pirate Grateful Dead style for your listening pleasure.
Being a fan of all good music, I promptly bought a few of his albums on the Amazon MP3 music store and I suggest you do the same. This guy is a true talent.





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