Duet for PLM?

It’s no secret we’ve been working with Microsoft for a long time now and have delivered some things I am really proud of. Teamcenter on SQL, our .Net based middle tear and some really interesting graphics/visualization stuff. However all of it has been pretty much focused on the back office / server room – until now. With our new Teamcenter 2007 release we have blown open the interface with Microsoft Office 2007 and Vista and can now do some really interesting things in the office automation environment that the whole world knows (OK, maybe will know soon since Office 2007 isn’t quite everywhere yet ;-)).
Take a look:

It’s the first time in a long time I’ve done something at work I can show to my parents and they understand. It reminds me a lot of what Microsoft and SAP talked about when thy launched Duet: best in class user interface on top of best in class application infrastructure.






3 responses to “Duet for PLM?”

  1. Dave B Avatar

    Your voice has changed! 😉
    Seriously, that’s cool stuff.

  2. Scott Avatar

    This is cool stuff… I’ve long thought the closer UI bt MSFT and PLM was a good path.

  3. jharr Avatar

    Knowing all the UGS dev folks involved in this I truly hope it’s a big hit. It’s the right direction and could really open this market up.

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