Great video on social production from one of the early pioneers


It’s content like this that makes me remember why I started reading blogs and writing them. This is a great post summarinzing the content of a session I wish I had seen given recently at MIT by Eric von Hipple, who wrote Democratizing Innovation (Amazon Link or Free Download ). This is one of the first books I remember reading that went beyond the simple concepts of asking customers what they wanted and giving it to them, to atually getting them directly involved in the production of the products they consume.
Openeur – Open Innovation & Entrepreneurship » The Shift of Innovation – Users driving Manufacturers out

This social production trend is going to have major impact on the manufacturing landscape and all the surrounding infrastructure, including the PLM and Automation suppliers. The guys that figure out how to enable massive numbers of users to generate their own innovations and are then able to cost effectively manufacture them or capture the patterns and manufacture them at scale will be the winners in the next 100 years.






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