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Interesting post over on autoblog from yesterday.  While the article describes it as an “esperanto” for design, I hope J Mays can be more successful than the UN was.  We’ve all seen the elements of design languages across families of products.  The distinctive “cross” grill on Dodge products.  The sliver slipperiness of Apple products.
What Mr. Mays seems to be going for here though is a little more than slap a few angles on it and call it a smaller Taurus.  The idea seems to be to have a way for designers on global teams to have a common way to exchange ideas about design elements.  A design playbook perhaps?  Maybe a design sign language guide?  Coming up with a new language is no small feat, so I hope Ford takes this seriously since the benefits to global design could be huge.
The CAD industry (us included) has long maintained that the only way to get close to this is to share the design model itself.  I think that is certainly part of the answer, but having a language to use earlier on will help drive better concepts and make sure that there are far fewer opportunities that are left unexplored.
J Mays set to overhaul Ford’s global design – Autoblog

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