Manufacturing Turing Machine

Really well written (because it is short and to the point) article that appears in the San Jose Mercury News today about the potential for manufacturing in the US to make a comeback.   The central meme is that advances in technology have allowed for the manufacturing process to be abstracted to the point that it’s possible to have the same sort of advances seen in computing when standard methods for storing data (databases) and access business logic (web services and predecessors) emerged.  This is exactly what we’re trying to jump on at Siemens: abstract the manufacturing process so you can improve and adapt it all in the comfort of a purely digital environment.
“Made in the USA” Can Make a Comeback






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  1. Dave Borzillo Avatar
    Dave Borzillo

    I agree. That’s why I’ve spent most of my career dealing with knowledge-based engineering. Specific to the article, this looks like a fit for “digital manufacturing” which I’ve been hearing about for the past few years.
    Check out more about KBE and Digital Manufacturing here:
    Overall, I have to agree with Chris and the article. We have the pieces of the puzzle to put together what is needed to give an advantage to manufacturing.
    BTW, “Hi Chris”

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