Another one bites the dust

Congrats to the guys at Seemage who managed to get themselves bought up by their fellow countrymen, Dassault.  I hope you all can keep up the blog, but I wonder how the message will change.  Alex has been pretty vocal in his opposition to IT centric or heavy PLM systems, so here’s to hoping that the name on his paycheck won’t change his opinion.
Dassault Systèmes acquires Seemage » 3DMojo






3 responses to “Another one bites the dust”

  1. Alex Neihaus Avatar

    Thanks for the congrats, Chris.
    We “managed” to get ourselves bought? You know something we don’t about what happened and how it happened?
    The blog will continue…and the message remains the same. DS bought us precisely because Seemage can be the antidote to massive investments that only offer a promise of productivity.

  2. Chris Avatar

    Didn’t mean anything insidious by managed, just assumed it was part of an intentional act, not something that happened by accident or that it was a hostile move by Dassault.
    Glad to here you got the green light to keep posting. I was worried a bit about my blog when we rolled in to Siemens, but as this is my ‘personal’ blog and Siemens actually has pretty progressive views on blogging I’ve been very pleasantly surprised. Although acting as an antidote to what the parent company sells could be a tough row to hoe. Keep up the good work.

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