Summer in the City

My June travels continue this week.  I arrived in NYC yesterday afternoon and will be here through Thursday for our annual media and analyst event.  This year we moved from The Palace to the Waldorf=Astoria (yes the equal’s sign is in their official name).  The meeting space is much nicer, but the Palace was a nicer hotel overall, IMHO.
This year’s event should be interesting as we decided a few months back to make it the coming our party for the enhanced vision we have developed since becoming part of Siemens.  I’m really looking forward to talking to the assembled group about what they think.
I think when you step back and look at where we are now and where we come from, it’s an incredible trip.  It all started with an idea that you could save time and money by modeling product geometry in a computer rather than on paper, clay or metal.  That first level abstraction lead to many others around product performance, manufacturing, in situation use, service, etc.  Now all of those abstractions, have come full circle and are going to be more closely tied with making what gets made on the factory floor better than ever.  More on that tomorrow.
Of course there are the usual side trips while in NYC. Yesterday I walked over to the Samsung experience and played around with the new Q1 Ultra UMPC.  I was impressed with the overall form factor, but I have to say that the keyboard (thumb board) left soemthing to be desired.  I am still really interested in getting one, but was waiting for the Q1U because of the KB…so now maybe I’ll look to see how cheap I can get one of the first gen Samsung UMPC’s without the KB.






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