Calling all SL gurus / developers

I am looking for someone to help me out with getting a super easy to use way to bring JT data into SL. We published the specification last December, so its available for anyone to look at. Any SL geometry wizards out there that know how to get this done? What I’m envisioning is some place on UGS Innovation Connection where a user could come and the location would act as a “portal” to their desktop where they could point at locally stored JT files (or even files in a PDM system) that they want to bring across to SL. Once there they could add all the scripting and interactivity in world.
There are over 46,000 companies using JT enabled technology today and since we launched Innovation Connection a number of them are asking how to get this done. We know JT, we just need someone that knows SL and the client software well enough that we can map out what options we have. Drop me a PM or leave a comment.






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  1. nic mitham Avatar

    hi chris, thanks for the link.
    just wanted to let you know that your link to jt data isn’t working in your post.

  2. Chris Avatar

    Thanks nic. Should be fixed now. Know anyone who would be up to the task?

  3. David Francis Avatar

    Hi Chris,
    I am assuming SL means Steroe Litography? We call it STL format…
    I work with Right Hemisphere to automate alot of this exchange process, I am sure all of the hooks are there b-directionally, and the ability to extract metadata as well.
    Second part is we leverage Adobe smart forms to publish this data in automated forms, particulary, PLM.
    Lastly, Acrobat 3D is a very reasonable alternative for importing geometry and publishing in PDF.
    I hope this is helpful, please let me know if you have any further interest in these solutions.
    David Francis

  4. Chris Avatar

    Actually SL is abbreviation for Second Life. Guess I should have spelled it out at least once. Do you guys have any experience with the prism format that Second Life uses for it’s 3D rendering?

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