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I was catching up on the comment streams on some other blogs that had posted on our SL launch when I ran across a comment from Mike on his company (Fabjectory – Home) that will create physical objects from SL (and Google Sketchup) models.  While it seems limited to Avatar models for now, this could be a really interesting way for someone to get a prototype created from the results of a joint design session in SL.  I wonder what RP machines he’s using to do this…and how he gets to the data into a SLA compatible file.
As I mentioned when we launched our island, I am really interested in figuring out how to get CAD data into SL with as few steps as possible.  It sounds like there is a way to get data about in, Linden?

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  1. Michael Buckbee Avatar

    We can pull and create objects from pretty much anything in SecondLife, but avatars are by far the most popular creations people want done.
    With respect to moving data the other way, CAD -> SL. There aren’t many good options at the moment. There have been a number of attempts done to draw blender or obj files into SL (simulating polygons with prims), but these are still a little crude for actual production use.
    The new prim setup holds some promise of getting closer to a solution, but we’ll see.
    Mike Buckbee
    Fabjectory Founder

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