Sorry for the really slow posting the past week or so, but as you may have seen we’ve been a bit busy at UGS.  We announced last night that Siemens AG has signed a definitive agreement to acquire UGS Corp and expect it to close in 60 to 90 days.  This is a really interesting play on Siemens part, because while they produce a lot of software, they are not yet known as household name in all IT circles.  As a $1B part of $17B Siemens Automation & Drives, UGS will work to change that.  Whats more important though is that its a really interesting move for our customers and partners.  While not quite getting straight to the vision of ‘automated replication of physical products’ that I’ve talked about at length here, the vision we have is a much more seemless and direct flow from product creation to the programming of the machines on the shop floor.  And this is much more than what is know as CAM, which has alway been focused on piece parts.  We are talking about going directly from mechanical design to programming of PLCs.  Now that could get interesting.
Obviously there is still a lot to do between now and close, so the volume here may be a little light, but I will keep my new years resolution and get important info and thoughts out here as they happen.






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