3D Scan with just a web cam

This via the guys at download squad:  A German research team has developed some software that allows any standard webcam to be used as a 3D scanner.  Now if they could only make any standard laser or ink-jet printer into a replicator we’d be set!
Institut für Robotik & Prozessinformatik






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  1. Franco Folini Avatar

    Hi Chris,
    Strata is making a very interesting product called Strata Foto 3D (http://www.novedge.com/Strata_Foto3D_Win.asp) that can digitalize a 3D object with just any digital camera. Lex de Azevedo made a great video (http://www.novedge.com/Generic_View.asp?LID=2396&SKU=1991) to show how simple the process is. Take a look and let me know what you think.
    Franco Folini

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