CADwire: Alibre to bundle Acrobat 3D

Just saw this story from Randall Newton at on the bundling of Acrobat 3D in every seat of Alibre. I get why it’s a big deal from a publishing standpoint (everyone has Acrobat on their desktop), but I’m not quite sure I agree with the point that Mr. Newton tries to make about this being important to those that want to edit models “without a copy of the expensive 3D CAD product that created the original model”.  I guess it depends on what he is calling editing.  If text and ink mark-up is editing, sure this is important.  But if it’s direct manipulation of the underlying geometry to create a fundamentally different design, I don’t see how Adobe will ever get that capability without also becoming “an expensive CAD product”.  The unfortunate thing about the 3D design market is that it has been fairly capped for the last 5-7 years.  There are only so many people that need to (or want to) work in 3D.  While it may be that Adobe is going after the over-served (reference the Innovator’s Dilemma) from what I have seen they still have quite a few capabilities to add to get there.
Don’t get me wrong: I think they have the best publishing (and maybe rights management) solution out there.  I just can’t see how they are going to become a new low-end CAD solution without charging a lot more for their product. – Commentary > Alibre to bundle Acrobat 3D






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