CATIA causes Airbus tower of Babel

Looks like this story is starting to get a little bit more mainstream. This is a well known issue with CATIA insiders.  While I’m glad to see this aspect of the story getting more exposure, I’m puzzled by the proposed solution by “experts”:

“They didn’t have uniform design tools throughout the system and that’s biting them badly,” says Hans Weber, CEO of Tecop International Inc., a San Diego-based aviation consulting firm.

Why would anyone think that the only way to get these systems to talk to each other is to make sure they are exactly the same?  In every other major IT domain the era of SOA has come home to roost.  Why is it that loosely coupled systems that use open data standards would not work for Airbus?  The answer: I think they would…tehy’re just not offered by their current supplier of choice. Europe






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