How to Be a Smart Innovator

I  normally don’t link to content behind a pay-for wall, but I found the article below so compelling I couldn’t help myself.  Nick Carr gained notierirty a few years ago with the publication of “IT Doesn’t Matter” in HBR.  Since then he’s gone on to start (and stop..and start again) blogging and been a semi-regular guest on the Gillmor gang.  The central idea about focused innovation is key.  Like so many things in our society, hit concepts seem to get ‘peanut buttered’ over everythng that they will stick to and innovation is the hot concept these days in business circles.  I think Nick has an interesting counter point for those that might be getting a little too excited about the opportunities for innovation.  Like all the core concepts before (lean, quality, design) it wo’t be the companies that try to apply it everywhere that win…it will be the ones that learn how to innovate better in the areas that make a difference to customers. – How to Be a Smart Innovator






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