Live from COFES – Mechanical Conngress

So I’m sitting in the Day 1 congress at COFES (the mechanical version) moderated by Peter Marks from Design Insight. Just a few random thoughts captured from the crowd:

  • Too much functionality / too little functionality (that’s easy for a vendor to address!)
  • Configuration management needs work
  • Interoperability – the topic that everyone wants solved, but no one wants to talk about
  • Integration with ERP systems needs work
  • System level design tools are under represented in the current set of applications
  • Users want to do more engineering and less modeling…this could be interesting.
  • Customer facing configurators seem to be of interest
  • Tools require us to be too specific too soon – we need an “electronic napkin”
  • The easy waste to eliminate in the process have been largely identified (tools that work, finding the right data)…what is left are the hard things (am I working on the right thing? What do my customers want?)
  • The tools need to be fun

Ah…user feedback is fun.






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