Back from Boston

Well that was quick.  The show I went up to Boston for went by like a flash.  The one thing I really noticed this year was that the conversion is now complete: rather than selling, we are being sold.  Rather than being the most interesting vendors there, we are the most interesting buyers.  Of course, what is being bought and sold now is companies and not software, but the “market” of this show has certainly changed its center of gravity.  Talking to a few others there, I came to the conclusion that this is just a sign of the times in the PLM market: it’s consolidating and only the strong (and large) will survive.  Glad we’re strong (and large!).  It also just reconfirms the thoughts from Co-Dev earlier in the year: the alliance manager will be the product manager of the next decade. How else do companies get bought?  Usually there is a thorough test drive through alliances first.






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