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  • All that’s left to do is walk

    All that’s left to do is walk

    Rolled in to our AirBNB last night around 8. Headed over to Amicalola today and got tagged, weighed and checked in. Hiker tag: 1134 Starting weight: 23.4 lbs (with food and water) Start date: 3/16 (starting a day earlier than last planned…weather is in my favor so no sense waiting any more!) Now all that’s…

  • Giving thanks

    Giving thanks

    This is likely the last post I’ll make here from the comfort of my office and the spaciousness of my laptop keyboard. From here on out it will be mobile posts from my phone. I’ve got a few last minute home and hiking prep tasks to take care of today and then heading south tomorrow…

  • Blazekeeping


    One other small detail I need to work out before my hike is how strict I’m going to be on only the AT and the entire AT. As I understand it there is strict “white blazing” which means you hike all the AT and only the AT to the point of walking back out of…

  • Keeping track

    Keeping track

    13 days from now I’ll be taking my first steps on the approach trail. Most things are as ready as they can be AND there’s not much time left to make any drastic changes, so I fill the remaining time mostly just enjoying the family, friends and comforts of home. The 1-mostly time gets stuffed…

  • Intentions


    I already shared some thoughts as to why I am attempting a through hike of the AT. That was focused on what made me decide to try it. This is focused on how I’d like to “be” while I am on the trail. The trail has blessed me with many things already and I haven’t…

  • Hang tags

    Hang tags

    Just read the news that the hang tags for through hikers are in. Yellow it is!

  • Missing Out

    Missing Out

    A pretty typical reaction when I tell someone about my through hike attempt is along the lines of “oh, wow, that is going to be such a great experience!”. And I am sure they are right. There will be no shortage of peak experience and chance encounters that will lead to fond memories and great…

  • 1 day closer

    1 day closer

    Nope, not just because one day has gone by, but actually since I’ve moved my start day one day earlier from Monday March 18 to Sunday March 17. Not sure why I decided to start on a Monday in the first place…seems a very “corporate” thing to do 😆. I changed my mind after booking…

  • 2024 Mileage

    2024 Mileage

    The official milage for the 2024 AT has just been released and they made it easier on me: it’s officially one mile shorter than last year. Now I feel like I have to hike the approach trail so all the 2023 folks don’t feel like I’m lazy 😆