Not worth the squeeze

I must be playing the long game with this blog.  I switched over to AWS hosting to force me to see a bill for it each month. It’s not a lot, but it’s soemthing to make me honest about whether its worth it or not more than once a year.  Bills have come and been paid month after month for more than a year with obviously very little posting.  Not sure that will change a lot in this next year, but one place I am sure I won’t be doing much posting anymore is Facebook.  As of today I suspended my account.

In the 4,920 days that I had an active account I did make regular use of it. Most of that time it was a convinience or even a pleasure.  I started to have doubts 3-4 years ago.  Seeing what happened last week in Washington and realizing that a good majority of those people ended up where there were because of Facebook is the last little push I need.  Not that I feel particularly susceptible to ending up in the same place (but who does really?), but rather it’s something I can do to feel some modicum of control.  I just can’t support a platform that does that to it’s users and then turns around and destroys its competition as a scapegoat.

I am not setting up accounts anywhere else instead.  I am just going to sit it out for a while and see how “base reality” suits me.  I wrote this post mainly as a marker for when the experiment ended and also in the small hopes that it might encourage one other person to free themselves.

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